Honeywell Spyder Has the Power to Control It All

The Honeywell Spyder Model 5 (WEB-RxxN) family of unitary controllers provide flexible, freely programmable, demand-led control that delivers tangible benefits to reduce energy spends and drives new levels of functionality
and efficiency in today’s buildings.

With scalable and freely programmable BACnet MS/TP-based unitary controllers, smart engineering & commissioning tools, and SYLKbus technology, multiple and flexible configurations can be achieved to address specific applications. The Spyder Model 5 controllers operate in combination with WEB8000 or CIPer Model 50 controllers to connect to internet.


The Applications of Honeywell Spyder

Cut energy costs and drive new levels of functionality and efficiency with the Honeywell Spyder® Model 5 family of unitary controllers. Scalable to meet the needs of any application, they deliver flexible, freely programmable, demand-led control. The essence of Spyder Model 5 controllers is speed and flexibility. BACnet MS/TP-based unitary controllers offer fast download speeds, smart engineering and commissioning tools, SYLK technology, and flexible programming to achieve multiple configurations — even for complex applications
requiring high I/O count. The noticeable applications of Honeywell Spyder are as following:

  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) control system
  • Heat pumps
  • Air handling Units
  • Temperature control units
  • Small, Medium or Large plant rooms
  • Heat, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) System

ABA Control provides you with detailed information and guidelines to use Honeywell Spyder at your convenience.

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